Tech used!

To create this website, I used Deno Fresh. As a non-frontend developer, I wanted to try something other than Node because of all the horror stories I have read online. I don't know if using Deno will alleviate some of that pain, but I must say it has been really easy to get started with.

Deno Fresh uses Preact for its templating and rendering, which should make it easier for React or other frontend developers to get into Deno Fresh, I believe.

I decided to use TypeScript in this project since I have dabbled with Go a bit in the past. I may still not be using it correctly in this project, but my plan is to update this site as I learn and improve.

To create the simple design for the top banner on this page, I used the app InkPad on my iPad.

I used Deno Deploy to host this website, and it integrates seamlessly with GitHub. It automatically deploys changes that are pushed to the main branch and also provides helpful pull-request applications so that you can try your changes before pushing them to the main branch.

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